If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live


will graham tries to solve the mystery of who’s been smoking all the Weed with the help of Harijuana Lecter 



Jim Moriarty puts the cute in execute 



i got my 13yo. brother hooked on his dark materials. he’s not even to the part where lyra follows mrs coulter to london, and he’s already told me he loves it. we discussed what type of daemons we would have and everything. 

OH DARLING BOY. you don’t know yet how this is gonna change you. you’re in for a bumpy, soul-wrecking ride. I FEEL SO PROUD. and he’s at the perfect age to read it too!

i feel like this is my legacy coming true. I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR THE CHANGES HE’S GONNA GO THROUGH! i can feel it. he’s at that turn of his life, still a child but also at the brink of ‘growing up’. i’m just… all this makes me really emotional. he’s still so ‘innocent’ about the whole story… i can’t wait to see how this is gonna make him grow.

he’s gonna understand why i’ve been raving about it for almost 11 years now…


*walks into friends house*  whats your wifi password