"here to queer things up"
and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

fiona no


also what the fuck’s going on with ian

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I CAN'T TELL IF SEASON 4 IS GOOD OR NOT WHY W H Y SOME STUFF IS JUST N O P E while other stuff is amazing imma check if the writers have anything to do with it shameless l.b.

simon ‘i got strong eyebrow game' monroe

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i feel u simon i feel u simon in the flesh
New Dorp, New York

SBTRKT · New Dorp, New York
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music nice for you chekov

s4 ep8 more like

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shameless l.b.

frank browsing the alcohol tag on tumblr


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shameless l.b.

season 4 is fucking me up jfc

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shameless l.b.



this is the most important thing on the internet today

I’m pissing

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im done c r y i n g